Had you been attending face-to-face networking events regularly before lockdown?

I am sure you must be really missing those days if you are frequent networker. Covid19 has changed the functioning of few industries upside down and one of it is the networking industry. Face to face networking is going out of the window while the spike is observed in webinars. Zoom has suddenly become the lead for setting up online meetings.

Most of the people have adapted virtual networking with the limitations drawn by the pandemic which at the moment is safe as well as the road of the meeting is covered in just a few clicks of your digital platform.

So, how many networking events have you attended during this phase? If haven’t tried yet, give it your best keeping in mind these networking tips:

Appropriate Research: Select the virtual networking event to register. Once registered, make sure to do your homework and research on the topic of the event as well as who the speaker is by finding his/her details on social media platforms.

Engagement with the attendees: Make a list of all the questions you would like to ask and discuss with the speakers regarding the topic. This way you will be able to engage yourself with others and the speakers which will ultimately draw attention on you.

Clarity on goals: Be very clear with the outcome you desire to achieve from attending the virtual event, the connections you want to make and how far you want to reach with the contacts. If you want more zoom meetings on one on one basis, build your strategy accordingly.

Follow up: Post virtual event, if you do not hear from your target contacts, touch base with them with short and simple emails or follow up calls. Do not over chase as they might start ignoring you. Nurturing business relation is a vital part of successful business.

So don’t hesitate to sign-up and hit the link to zoom in. Begin you first virtual networking event with these tips and you may get better and better with every event you register.

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