Tips for Business Networking

Are people around you pushing you to step out and network? Are you seriously thinking about giving it a try and initiate with the first networking event of your life?

What next?

You might experience the feeling of anxiety surge through your body with the thought of stepping into a room of strangers which could build your bright future. Well, to be honest, attending a networking event for the first time is a challenge to yourself. But undoubtedly, an extremely essential step for your personal and professional growth.

We being the organizer of such events, completely understand your concern and would like to share 5 tips to simplify this for the first time networkers before you head out for your first networking.

Be presentable: Dress yourself professionally and make sure you are comfortable in it, as it says first impression matters

Firm handshake: When you meet someone, your handshake talks about your personality. A firm handshake shows how much interested you are.

Be patient and listen first: Do not rush into putting forward your pitch. Listen to what people have to say and then get going. Grabbing business for you should not be the first thing you need to focus on. Show interest and curiosity to know more with the people you are communicating with.

Help each other: Your intention should not be sales especially when you network for the first time. You can in fact ask “How can I help you” and provide assistance which will gradually build a mutually beneficial business partnership.

Follow up: Follow up with the potential connections is a must to see the progress in the near future. Ask them if they would like to meet face to face which can take the relationship to a different level.

So get set ready for the ride of networking. If you need more tips, remember we are always there for you.

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