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Networking!! This word holds huge importance in today’s fast-paced world. It is important because, in order to be successful or maintain an image in society, one needs to network and connect with people. If seen from a business point of view, Networking can be considered as a crucial barometer for achieving success.

Business networking could be thought as a daunting task by many because it is difficult to make people connect, where no one has time to ask or wait for other people in this hustling world. But if planned and organized effectively, the fruits could be achieved. Networking could be undertaken through socializing on the internet or by holding business networking events. In my view, the latter option is more feasible, as it would be helpful in establishing long-term relationships and also where “key contacts” could be introduced. Meeting people in person results in more effective connections. Networking events could be organized by any company or individual firm owner in order to increase their client base and also to promote themselves in the business world. It could also contribute to strengthening the existing relationship with the clients.

There are certain guidelines to be considered, both for the attendees and host of the event in order to make the event successful and avail the benefits out of it.

Here are some guidelines for hosts of events:

Venue of the event

The most important concern for a host is to identify the venue of the event. If it is a huge gathering, then a banquet hall could be considered. But if the attendees are close friends or the numbers of people are limited, then organizing an event in the office could be a good option. Organizing events at the office could be beneficial in a way, that it allows the guests to see your office and its operations.

Make your guests comfortable

As a host of the networking event, it can be called as a foremost duty to make the attendees of the event comfortable. It should be ensured that everyone in the event is communicating and having a good time.

To collect the necessary details of the guests

It should be considered, that every guest of the event should be appended to provide their contact details before leaving the venue. It could be done taking the details on one to one basis, or by circulating forms to get the necessary information. The names and other details will be useful for future reference and also will allow us to identify the potential work providers.

Follow up after an event

This is the last step in the process but could be considered as the beginning of a business relationship. The event was just a medium to meet people but the main task is to connect to the key decision makers through different means. Firstly, take their contact details and try to connect on LinkedIn. After some informal conversation, if they seem interested to talk about business and arrange a coffee/lunch meeting to discuss things in a more organized manner. If followed up correctly, more business is gained which in turn will increase the goodwill and size of your network. This was just a basic overview of business networking events. In reality, it is much deeper than mentioned but if followed in an organized manner, could really prove helpful both for the attendee and host as it would open up new doors for future business.


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Hello world!

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Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!


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